About Product

  • Back movement, leg movement, hight movement, back-leg movement, trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg are controlled by 4 DC motors
  • Lithotomy, sitting-chair and bed positions
  • It transforms to hospital bed with attachable footside panel and footside platform
  • Paper roll holder on back rest
  • Head board is made of PP plastic and easily clearable. It can also be assembled and disassembled easily
  • 3 pieces fixed laying surface is covered with faux leather
  • 2 pieces folding side rails are made of PP plastic and can move by hydraulic system
  • Delivery chair has automatic back sliding function
  • Metal chassis is epoxy polyester electrostatic painted and covered with ABS plastic
  • There are 2 IV holes on head corners of the bed and one adjustable IV pole
  • Integrated labor handles on both side rails
  • Integrated stainless steel fluid basin
  • 230 V ~ AC 50/60 Hz.

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