About Product

  • Bacrest, leg rest, auto contour, height (up-down), Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions are controlled by 4 DC Motors.
  • Positions are controlled by "Hand Remote Control".
  • Angle indicator on each side rail of the bed.
  • Head and foot boards are made of PP plastic and easily clearable. These parts can also be asemble and disassemble easily.
  • 4 pieces of restraint strap holder (2 pieces on each side).
  • Lying surface consists of 4 pieces easily clearable ABS plastic.
  • 4 pieces folding side rails are made of PP plastic and have release system assisted by gas spring.
  • Automatic back sliding and leg sliding functions are available in the bed.
  • Battery provides continuous energy in case of electricity cut off.
  • Metal chassis is epoxy polyester electrostatic painted and covered with ABS plastic.
  • Bumpers are located at each corner of the bed to protect the bed against crushes.
  • Accessory sockets are located at each corner of the bed for IV poles or traction sets.
  • One adjustable IV pole is provided with the bed.
  • Ø125 mm, 360 ° swivel wheels with central brake system and directional lock
  • There are drainage bag holders at both sides of the bed.
  • Mattress is waterproof and zippered.